March 22, 2020

We had hopes that our business was small enough to sneak under the radar.  We were sanitizing like crazy and clinging to those fearless members that continued to come in for workouts.  BUT, like most other states, eventually the hammer dropped and we were forced to shut our doors last Friday.  Here's how we're adjusting:


1. We've moved our group training to Zoom calls so we can still see all the participants and they can see us - and each other!  Community is going to be very important to the new, solitary lifestyle. We've scaled down the schedule a bit to hit 3 prime times every day - 5:30am, 9am and 5pm

We will also be sharing the links to recorded workouts, so if you can't make the LIVE, you can still do the workout.  The sessions are in the MINDBODY app, so you can continue booking your spots like before.  I'll send the Zoom meeting ID in the email every Sunday.


2. 1-on-1 Training has also been moved to Zoom calls for everyone's safety.  In many cases, your schedule may have changed, so if you are doing 1-on-1 training, make sure you communicate with your trainer if you have a new preferred time to meet. 


3.  We've been loaning out exercise equipment for your home gyms!  You may borrow for 2 weeks at a time and then you can exchange for something different.  Let us know if you need to borrow anything from dumbbells, to stability balls and barbells.


4. We're now offering a "Pay What You Can" option. We understand that some people have been significantly impacted financially by this crisis, but we don't want you to have to quit your connection to this fitness community!  Being a part of this community *will* make a big positive impact on how this time of quarantine affects you!  So, if you are a current member and you need to reduce your membership fee, please send us an email at or call or text me at 406.231.1503 and we'll adjust your payment to what you can afford.  Also, if you're not a current member, but you want to get in to the community now, please reach out and we'll get you set up!  

Thank you to ALL OF YOU who have been supporting this small business - we care so much about you and appreciate your support - big and small!


5.  We'll be doing FB Live accountability check ins twice a week and FB Live nutrition talks twice a week.  Accountability Check Ins with Tamara & Zach: Sunday's at 5pm & Wednesdays at 6:30am

Nutrition Talks: Monday's at 12:30pm & Wednesdays at 6pm

If you're not on FB...get on!  It's a very useful tool in these times.  But, we will also try to record at least one of these talks per week and share in a weekly digest email along with the workouts.


6.  Lastly, we will be providing as many resources as we can to enable you to continue pressing on toward your goals, but also to live your best life RIGHT NOW!  Life isn't on hold right now - it's just shifted.  We can still keep moving forward. 


This is a good time to reflect on what you CAN GET out of this season.  Rather than what you don't have and have lost (or are afraid you might lose), focus on what you have been neglecting or missing during the busier times.  Seek God, if you know Him, and look for purpose in this season.  We're all going to get through this, but let's RISE STRONG

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