Have you ever thought of becoming a personal trainer?  

If you're passionate about fitness and working with people, Anchor Fitness can help you.  Whether you pursue it as a full-time career, or a way to make extra money, becoming a certified personal trainer is a fun a rewarding career!  

Anchor Fitness has developed a six month mentoring program for individuals considering, or already on the path to becoming a CPT.  Once a week you will meet with an experience trainer to cover topics such as:

Conducting a fitness assessment

Program Design

Building Rapport

In-person observation of assessments, program design, program implementation, and evaluation

Business Development & Training

By the end of the program, you will be the one conducting an assessment, designing a program, implementing your program and evaluating the client all with insight from your mentor!

By the end you will be ready to pass the CPT exam and start a career doing what you love!  Who knows, maybe you are the next Anchor Fitness success story!



A mentoring program to devel0p personal trainers

Compare our program to top notch study-at-home programs and you'll see the value in our hands-on learning and business development training!


Cost $2100

(includes cost of certification books & test)

Payment Method #1 - pay in full upon registration

Payment Method #2 - put 20% down, then make payments throughout the course, to be paid in full by the final session


3 Personal Training Clients @ $150/mo = $450

Rent paid to Anchor Fitness = $150

Profit = $300

$300 X 7 months = $2100

The entire cost of the course will be made back in less than 1 year!

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